Ignite Your Inner Bliss


Niyama by Asta, a premium community dedicated to yoga and holistic well-being, entrusted us with the task of breathing life into their vision. Our creative prowess shone through as we meticulously crafted their brand identity, designed an immersive website, captured captivating content, and curated a vibrant social media presence.



Drawing inspiration from the profound philosophy of Niyama by Asta, our creative idea centered around creating a harmonious synergy of mind, body, and spirit. The brand identity reflects tranquility and personal growth, with an ethereal color palette and graceful typography that embody balance and fluidity. The website acts as a transformative gateway, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality, inviting visitors to embark on a mindful journey of rejuvenation and spiritual exploration. Through meticulous content capture, we immortalized the transformative experiences and enlightened teachings within the community. Finally, our engaging social media strategy nurtured a thriving online community, fostering connections, sharing wisdom, and amplifying the brand’s influence.

Join us as we celebrate the convergence of yoga and holistic wellness, and embrace a life enriched with purpose, serenity, and holistic well-being through Niyama by Asta.