Nike Football X

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July 2014


9 Months


Brand Strategy

I’ve been contributing at a high level at the biggest campaign of 2015 which aims to remix street football, called Nike Football X.
The promotion of the new Nike Football App was at the heart of that campaign, and s I’ve been tasked to contribute to the concepting phase of that campaign.
We wanted to get street footballers to play more using the APP. we created an ambassador program in our 2 key energy cities.
We found London and Berlin’s most connected and influential FOT to become our ambassadors and lead authentic game creation in their local areas.
With a +359% increase of games created per week in that period, the campaign had a real impact on the ground.
We also turbocharged the football calendar with activations hero the crews in exclusive tournaments.

One of them, I’ve been involve, was in Nike Town London, which had curated a program of bespoke experiences, including product trial challenges, 2v2 Winner Stays competitions and skills sessions for football fans to enjoy throughout the week.

We’ve created with the team a 180° slow motion takeaway to share straight-away on social. Willian turned up to show the lads how it was done, as well as Krept and Konan!